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Welcome to my portfolio! I am currently pursuing my Master of Science in Education from Johns Hopkins University. I am in my second year of teaching at Kelly Miller Middle School in Northeast Washington, DC. I grew up primarily in Aurora, Colorado, but bounced around prior to then from Springfield, Missouri, Portland, Oregon, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. I received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Chicago in economics and statistics with honors. As such, I strive to provide my scholars a well-rounded education experience, where they are challenged by new concepts and ideas. I teach seventh grade math, and last year I taught both sixth grade and eighth grade math. I loved looping with my sixth grade scholars this year into the seventh grade, and am similarly thankful that I know precisely what they need to know to be successful in the eighth grade!

Prior to teaching, I did an extensive amount of social science research. I did everything from economic research into the benefits of education to sociological research into the culture of neighborhoods. The compelling question always remained in the back of my mind: how can everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, be prepared to become whoever they want to be? How can socioeconomic mobility be reality? How can everyone become a truly critical thinker in a world that increasingly values social conformity above all else?

I bring these values into the classroom and encourage my students to be their own intellectual force in this world. My portfolio highlights a few instances in which I implement this practice into the classroom.

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